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Allington Roof Cleaning Maidstone Kent are a family run business for over 38 years helping domestic clients protect and maintain their roofs by offering our roof cleaning services across Maidstone and the Kent areas.

To clean your roof yourself can be both challenging and risky. Allington Roof Cleaning Maidstone Kent have professional equipment to clean your roof efficiently and conveniently.

Unfortunately, moss can grow in all kinds of places. In roof tiles, patios areas, garden brick walls and also the cracks in your driveway. Moss can make your property or building look old and tired, and in worse cases, it can decrease your properties value. However, by removing moss, you will be protecting your property or building and increase its value making your house, or building looking more attractive on the eye.

You can see what a difference Allington Roof Cleaning Maidstone Kent makes when we clean your roof, and the moss is removed (see before and after picture)

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How to Keep Your Roof Clean and Avoid Moss Developing on a Roof

You cannot fundamentally stop moss from developing on your roof however you can reduce its development by cleaning your roof of moss and using our Allington Roof Cleaning Maidstone Kent Moss repellent on your roof tiles which are FREE with every moss wash you book with us.

The moss repellent product helps reduce the amount of moss growing on your roof throughout the year.

If your roof looks tired and has a large build up of moss, then please contact Allington Roof Cleaning Maidstone Kent by calling us directly free on 01622 861564 or 07889 255813

Allington Roof Cleaning Maidstone Kent can help your keep your roof clean and help you protect your investment.

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Allington Roofing has over 38 years professional experience.

We can help you what ever the Roofing problem, from general Roof Repairs to Fascia, Soffit And Guttering across Maidstone and whole of the Kent area.
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At Allington Roofing we don’t want to be the biggest Roofers In Maidstone, BUT our mission is to be the BEST Roofers Maidstone Kent has to offer. Our whole business has grown over a 38 year period by giving expert friendly advice and offering top class customer service allow our business to grow naturally through word of mouth and recommendations.
Our Philosophy is very simple! To treat everyone, not just our customers with the respect that we wish others to treat us with. If everyone did this then the world would be a better place.
Our Promise here at Allington Roofing is that we will supply you with a 100% professional roof repair. Our reputation has taken 38 years to build and is something we are extremely proud of.
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