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Allington Flat Roofs Maidstone Kent are a family run business for over 38 years and are flat roofing specialists that care.

Allington Flat Roofs Maidstone Kent over the years have found that Flat Roofs can become damaged over time by environmental conditions, such as snow, ice, hail, storms, rain and moss. Other issues can be inexperienced window cleaners that don’t use a board to stand their ladder on (to distribute their weight).

Flat roofs are often too flat, there should be a slight incline for water to run off, but the rain doesn’t always drain away. Many of the old flat roofs had mineral chippings to help protect the felt from expansion and contraction from the sun’s heat and to reduce noise. However, they often get blown into the gutter and can block drainpipes.

Allington Flat Roofs Maidstone Kent offer a high performance felt material that is very hard to tear or puncture. It has a type of stone chipping style impregnated into the material to help reduce noise and protect from damage.

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Allington Flat Roofs Maidstone Kent believes that prevention is better than cure, as one of Maidstone and Kents leading flat roof specialists Allington Flat Roofs Maidstone Kent advise that you have regular maintenance checks on your flat roof. Maintenance checks will highlight and avoid potential leaks in the future which can lead to rotting timbers and wood that could cost a small fortune in repair and replacement bills.

To take advantage of our roof repair, flat roofing or roof cleaning services, please contact us on 01622 861564 or 07889 255813

Allington Flat Roofs Maidstone Kent cover all areas in Maidstone, Kent and the Southeast.

How To Avoid Flat Roof Leaks Maidstone Kent

  • Have a protective coating that stops rain from leaking through.
  • Have a good draining system.
  • Make sure there is sufficient roof fall, to allow water to drain off effectively.
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Allington Roofing has over 38 years professional experience.

We can help you what ever the Roofing problem, from general Roof Repairs to Fascia, Soffit And Guttering across Maidstone and whole of the Kent area.
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At Allington Roofing we don’t want to be the biggest Roofers In Maidstone, BUT our mission is to be the BEST Roofers Maidstone Kent has to offer. Our whole business has grown over a 38 year period by giving expert friendly advice and offering top class customer service allow our business to grow naturally through word of mouth and recommendations.
Our Philosophy is very simple! To treat everyone, not just our customers with the respect that we wish others to treat us with. If everyone did this then the world would be a better place.
Our Promise here at Allington Roofing is that we will supply you with a 100% professional roof repair. Our reputation has taken 38 years to build and is something we are extremely proud of.
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